July 15th – Your Federal Tax Filing Deadline in 2020

tax deadline

2020 is officially in full swing, which means that you are likely starting to think about your tax duties and probably wondering when the cut-off date is. This year, Tax Day and, therefore, the tax filing deadline for the 2019 financial year is July 15th, 2020, which falls on a Wednesday.

Plan to Pay Your Taxes on July 15th, 2020

Plan to file your taxes by the July 15th deadline. If you don’t pay on time, you are likely to incur penalties and/or interest. However, if you know you won’t make the deadline, and think you are going to owe money, send in your payment to the IRS when you apply for a tax filing extension by July 15th.

Applying for a Tax Filing Extension

It will be wise to apply for a tax filing extension if you know in advance that you will require more time to file your taxes this year. If you file for an extension, you will be given until October 15th, 2020 to file your return.

The tax filing extension applies to the tax filing and is not a new due date for your tax payment. So, be sure to send in a payment by July 15th.

If you need help filing for an extension or need to determine how much to pay by July 15th, get in touch with the team at Georgen Scarborough Associates, PC today.