DCAA Accounting Services for Government Contractor Clients

The decision to work as a contractor for the Federal government can be both exciting and worrying. While working as a contractor for the government may give you access to large, ongoing projects that you wouldn’t necessarily have been able to land in the private sector, it can also send even well-established accounting departments into a tailspin.

As a government contractor, your business will need to commit to the complicated and vast Federal Acquisition Regulation (“FAR”) rules. Not complying with these rules can lead to delays in the payment that your business is expecting, foregone contracts, and even remedial actions.

At Georgen Scarborough Associates, PC, we work with government contractors of all sizes. Whether you have a large business with years of experience with DDCA accounting or you are a small start-up that wants to ensure your accounting is perfect for government work, we can help you.

The first step is to make sure your existing accounting system is DCAA compliant. You can opt for training by our accounting experts so that your own employees are able to perform basic bookkeeping functions while we manage other functions and provide audit support, ICE submission support or anything else you may need. You can also opt to completely outsource your DCAA compliant accounting services to us, which will relieve you from the stress and hassle of remaining compliant.

The professionals at Georgen Scarborough Associates, PC keep up-to-date on income tax guidelines and financial practices. We also utilize the latest in technology for financial and accounting services, including NetClient CS. This secure online software package puts write-up, trial balance, tax, and accounting software on a single platform, creating powerful password-protected connections with our clients. It’s a tested, proven approach that combines powerful functionality and unprecedented collaboration capabilities into an unparalleled package.

For more information about DCAA accounting services for government contractor clients, contact us today.